Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Activity: Tree Washing!

Hi Friends!
To my great disappointment, Florida has kind of decided to skip Spring this year and get right to summer.  Luckily for me, this is my last summer complaining about it because I'm moving across the country in two months where the weather is a different kind of animal entirely.  It has already gotten into the 90's here in Central Florida, so I've been reminiscing on the things we use to do at my old pre-school to keep the little ankle biters cool-ish.  The most popular outdoor summer activity, was by far, Tree Painting (a.k.a Tree Washing).  Stay with me here.

The rules were simple...  

  1. NO painting any of the playground climbing equipment...for slippery safety reasons.  
  2. NO painting yourself or any of your the parents didn't have to pick up muddy & wet children.

All you need is...

  • A few large buckets with water (light enough for them to carry around) and if you're REALLY nice, you could add a bunch of ice cubes
  • An assortment of large brushes and paint rollers that fit inside the buckets
  • (optional) Smocks - only if you insist on keep them as dry & dirt free as possible 
Paint/wash the tree trunks and any branches or leaves they can reach and that's all she wrote!  I'm not quite sure why this was SO MUCH FUN for them, but it was, AND it kept them from having pint sized heat strokes in the awful Florida summers.

Have fun & get messy!
:-)  Miss Jenna

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