Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Magnet Gift Idea...

Hi Friends!  So, I thought I'd post a really simple crafty gift idea that you can do with your ankle-biters....handmade magnets.  I'll provide three variations on the idea that you can customize to whatever you want.
Holding up the photo strips of me and my awesome nephews are the magnets I made.  I'll list out the detailed instructions for the LOVE's pretty much the same process for the others, so I'll just describe the different steps I did for those.  Ready? Okay!
SUPPLIES (for all):
  • Clear glass flat back cabochons or "blanks" (large & small) - you can find these in most craft stores and even at some dollar stores.  Here's a web source
  • Windex & paper towel
  • A variety of Valentine themed paper
  • White card-stock weight paper
  • Clear alphabet stickers (found in the scrapbook section of craft stores) - this is could also just write out the letters with a sharpie.
  • Regular all purpose white glue - just be sure it's a kind that dries clear
  • Glue brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Fine glitter
  • Colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Craft magnets (in sizes that will fit and are smaller than the glass blanks you are using) - these can be found at your local craft stores also.
  • Heavy industrial strength glue like E-6000 - you could also try a hot glue gun, but I'm not going to vouch for the longevity of staying power against the constant pull of magnets.

INSTRUCTIONS (for love) 

1.) Clean the backs of the glass blanks with the Windex to remove any dirt or oils.
2.) Trace the glass blanks onto a pretty paper.
3.) Add your letters (either via sticker or handwriting) to the middle of your circles.
4.) Cut them out and erase any pencil marks along the edges.
5.) Add a layer of the all-purpose white glue to the back of your glass blank.
6.) Place the glass blank onto the letter circle, pressing firmly to ensure that the whole circle is covered with glue and that you won't get air bubbles.
7.) Allow your glass letter to dry.  You may see an overlap of paper...not to worry.  On to step 8!
8.) With your scissors, cut the excess paper.  Cutting the paper on an angle is a good trick...sometimes the rounded glass can get in the way.
Glue your magnets to the backs of the glass blanks with your industrial strength glue.  
{{{NOTE}}}  This is stinky stuff and they recommend using it in a well ventilated area and NOT to be used by children.  Don't let the kids work with this nasty this part yourself.
Let them dry for a few hours (or however long the instructions say) 
{{{VERY HELPFUL TIP - that I discovered the hard way}}}  Space these babies out by at least a couple of inches after you add the magnets.  I ended up having them flying at top speed and clumping together...then I got that toxic glue all over my hands trying to pull them apart.  I didn't think about how strong these bad-boy magnets are.

After your magnets are dry, check the fronts of the glass for any glue that may have gotten on there by mistake...this scratches off easily with your fingernail.  Package them up and gift them OR keep them for your very own fridge!

INSTRUCTIONS (for the large & small heart):
Really, the only difference here is using a designed paper.  The thing I will note that I did differently is adding a layer of white card-stock to the back of the heart designed paper.  The heart paper was really thin and you'd be able to see the color of the big black magnet through it.  ((You don't have to do this step if your decorative paper is on the think side.))  Otherwise, follow the same steps as the LOVE magnets.

INSTRUCTIONS (for the hand-drawn version):
These would look so cute with a kids illustration :-)  Here are the altered steps I did...
  • Trace the glass blank onto the white card-stock and draw a design with the colored pencils.  {NOTE} The glass blanks magnify your image slightly, so try to avoid drawing pertinent details to the edge of your circle as they may not show (because of the distortion) when the glass is on.  If you keep the focus of your drawing in the center you should be good.
  • Add a layer of Mod Podge to the drawing and sprinkle your fine glitter...let dry.
  • As with the others, use the white glue to adhere the paper to the glass blank.

Oooo...I just had a thought.  You could also make these magnets with photos!  Just paint a layer of Mod Podge to the front & back of the photo to seal it, preventing the ink from smudging with the other glues...let dry and follow the same steps.

Have fun & get messy!  
:-)  Miss Jenna

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