Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cut & Paste Jack-o-Lanterns (can't get much easier folks)

Hello Friends!  My apologies for not delivering timely project ideas for your little ankle-biters.  I'm not sure what my problem was exactly, but Halloween crafting posts really fell off my radar.  I did get together with Sam and Molly (my little ABA helpers) last week for some belated Halloween fun, so if you're not sick to death of spooky holiday stuff, check out what I did with the kids!  This is one of three projects we did that day.  Creepy spiders and silly witch heads to follow!

We started off with easy peasy lemon squeezy cut and paste Jack-o-Lanterns.  Since Molly is a youngen', I pre-cut her pumpkin and face shapes, but Sam is a big boy in pre-school now, starting to master the ways of the scissor.  Cutting is great for developing those very important fine motor skills, so little ones really benefit from lots of (supervised) scissor practice.
  • Construction paper in colors orange, black and brown
  • White crayon or metallic marker (to draw face shapes on the black paper)
  • Pen, pencil or marker (if a child is cutting out the shapes you might want to draw them with a marker...a thicker line is usually easier for them to follow)
  • Child safe scissors
  • Glue stick

"I'm not a perfect cutter yet, but I do a pretty good job."
Draw out your eye, nose and mouth shapes on the black construction paper using a white crayon or metallic marker.  It's difficult (especially for the child cutting) to see the lines if drawn with a plain pen or pencil...the white or metallic shows up much better on the black.

Draw your pumpkin shape on the orange paper and a stem on the brown.

Cut out the shapes, assemble the Jack-o-Lantern face and adhere with the glue stick.  Super easy!  
We were all rockin' some pretty cool fake tattoo's that day.
On Molly, the robot tattoo and fluffy flowery dress match perfectly!

Well...this was not so messy (you know how I love to make a mess), but it was fun and chill.
I hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween!  ~ Miss Jenna  :-)

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