Friday, June 3, 2011

Father's Day Gift Bags

Check out these fun DIY gift bags!  ...perfect for a Father's Day gift...

I found them on Paper Crave via Art Fire.  Here's what you need and how to make them....

  • gift box template + bow tie / necktie template
  • a printer
  • cardstock for the box and tie(s)*
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pen or pencil
  • glue dots
  • double-sided tape
  • 1/4 inch circle hole punch (for bow tie box)
  • a scoring tool (optional)
  • a cutting mat (optional)

Print the box template onto lightweight cardstock, cut out along the solid lines, and assemble according to the directions found in the template file. Place your gift in the box, and use double-sided tape or glue dots to securely close the flap. Print bow tie/necktie templates, cut out, and trace onto your choice of patterned or solid colored paper. Cut out the tie(s) and attach to the box flap using double stick tape or glue dots. If making the bow tie box, punch out three 1/4 inch “buttons” using a hole punch, and attach to the front of the box using glue dots (small Zots are the perfect size).
Alternative directions: Assemble the box and attach the tie to the top flap first, and add your gift last.

Have fun & get messy!
Miss Jenna

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