Friday, March 11, 2011

Kid Talk

Do you need to laugh today, giggle or at least crack a smile?  Well my friends, do I have a treat for you! Today, I was looking through my huge scrapbook from my pre-school teaching days and I found the book ( that my Director (Miss Janet) printed out for me of all the wonderfully silly kid quotes that she and I collected and compiled throughout the years.  If you've ever been around pre-school aged children, you know that they can be funnier than the best professional comedians.  I mean...seriously...the way they butcher the English language is genius!  Whenever one of my little lovelies spouted a linguistic gem, I would write it down immediately...and I mean verbatim...specifically writing out the mis-spellings and marking inflection.  My little bits of paper gold would be placed in their special place on Janet's desk and a day or two later I'd hear her howl with laughter as she read through them all.  This was absolutely one of my favorite things about that job.  So without further ado, allow me to present the first batch of Kid Talk...

"I have a tadoo!" (tattoo)
"May name broke down."
"I cut it with sidders."
"I saw a apple-puss!" (octopus)
"Siesta is how you say New York in French." (huh?)
"Jimbo's are elephants!" (Dumbo's...I think)
"This is Farari Week." (safari week)
"Thank you very welcome!" (gotta love good maners!)
"He called me a BIG FAT!!!"
"A critter is a jumphopper."
"Turkeys go 'boggle-boggle'." (or...gobble-gobble?)
"I've been learning about Overhand Lincoln."
"Guys, your noise is giving me a fever!" (I feel your pain little one)
"I LOVE to do arting!" (art table)
"I stabbed my toe!"
"It's NOT a concept!" (contest)
"I can whistle backwards!"
"A bull shark even has HORNS!"
"Eskimos live in an Egg-Loo."
"A critter is a bug that crits around and crawls on legs."
"Do you know what color hair I have?  I'm blind!" (blonde)
"Oh, did I say I love you when it's Valence Day?"
"Lizards are echos."
"I've got my hand-shoes on!" (gloves on hands in the "shoe store" dramatic play area)
(talking about milking cows) "They squeeze the gutters!"
"I have pretty good taste bugs." (or buds)
"There was a REALLY mean wiggard!" (wizard)
"It was a big hungry know...REALLY big and hungry!" (???)
"Can I be the Pazoose?" (caboose)
(in a sing-song to eeny, meeny, miney, mo) "Catch a tiger by the mo."
"You be the monkey, okay?  Then you can be the monkey's uncle!" (yes, really. They were playing in the "pet hospital" dramatic play area)
"Chickens are very instershing...they go back and forth to find food...and when they come back with the food sometimes the make a friend! Sometimes it's a duck, they're not like chickens anymore!"

....aaand, your welcome.  :-)  I hope you all have a beautiful day and don't forget to have fun and get messy!
~ Miss Jenna ~

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